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Land Acquisition

Working together to bring safe, reliable, and affordable energy to your community

The Land Acquisition team's mission is to locate and acquire assets in an economical and practical manner causing the least amount of public inconvenience.

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Vegetation Management

aajogo cassino Company’s Forestry and Right of Way Vegetation Management program is working hard to enhance reliability throughout our service territories.

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Land Acquisition is responsible for the following:

- Acquiring all property rights required by aajogo cassino to meet the growing electrical needs of our state

- Managing the location process for all new transmission lines and substation sites by assembling the location committee, evaluating alternative solutions, building consensus among members and selecting the final route/site

- Coordinating public information meetings for all acquisition projects subject to the public hearing requirement of O.C.G.A. 22-3-160.1

- Securing permission to survey from property owners and negotiating with property owners for necessary rights (easements or fee simple deeds) to construct transmission lines, distribution lines, substations, and generation facilities

We're Here to Help

If you are a property owner and wish to verify the Land Agent and/or the aajogo cassino project, contact us at