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Telecom Colocation and Land Leasing Program

Telecom Colocation and Land Leasing Program

Expanding New Cellular Technology in Georgia

aajogo cassino is at the forefront of helping communications service providers with their expansion network efforts across the state. Our vast infrastructure, which includes lighting, transmission towers, telecom towers and land lease for build-to-suit, provides the necessary structures to accelerate your company’s 5G build-out and wireless network reconfiguration.

We are leaders in the wireless infrastructure expansion, providing fast and efficient solutions to municipalities and cities to develop a comprehensive strategy for small cell deployments. This technology serves an important role in increasing economic development and improving the wireless coverage for Smart City innovation.

Our custom platform accelerates all stages of the Colocation process

  • Online customer portal provides easy access for requesting and managing colocation applications
  • Online GIS mapping displays all available aajogo cassino infrastructure and land assets
  • Tools support wireless communication company’s network siting/coverage areas
  • Timely automated permitting, make-ready and build-out services
  • Ongoing colocation equipment maintenance support

As an added benefit, you will have access to our mapping tool which displays all available aajogo cassino infrastructure and land assets.

aajogo cassino Colocation Infrastructure by the numbers

500,000 street lights

500,000 outdoor streetlights

We have partnered with Diamond Communication for Transmission, Telecom Towers and Build-To-Suit services to provide the quickest and most cost-efficient solutions.

Learn more and contact Diamond Communications here.

Public buildings, hospitals, universities, schools

90,000 transmission structures

600 properties for third party build to suit

600 properties for third party build-to-suit

State, federal and military buildings

300 plus company-owned telecom towers

Webinar Recording

Our Telecom Colocation team held a webcast for our partners to share how we help with the wireless network expansion across the state. Watch the recording here to learn more!

Contact our Telecom Colocation team today!

aajogo cassino is dedicated to deploy both small cells and macrocells in an efficient and appealing way for all stakeholders.

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